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It has been more than a week after we all parted our ways from C4C Vietnam- Living Bio-Beds Training at Bavi.  Thank you Paul for the efforts to keep us updated with Miradi , small grants. Nice to hear from Francis, David and other friends too.

I am back to full life of Chizami, catching up with backlog work of two weeks and sharing about my Vietnam experience with friends, home people and colleagues here. Got an opportunity to take a session on Women’s Movement & Leadership for 14 Young Women Leaders in Kohima on Aug 22nd. The other important programme was a Discussion on Indigenous Food & Farming System: Challenges and Opportunities on August 25th at NEN Resource Centre. 67 community leaders from 6 villages under Chizami Range Puplic Organization ( CRPO) participated. While speaking on the theme, I shared a little bit on my experience of C4C Vietnam and the CCS initiative to promote Living Bio-Beds in Hong Ha community to bring about multiple securities. I could not share much in detail because the discussion was directed more on land based livelihood practices & challenges, protecting the commons (Forest, Land, Seeds, and traditional knowledge systems) and finding together a collective sustainable pathways….towards Community Well-Being.  See news link

More updates in the days to come….Have a pleasant week.




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  1. Hi Seno - we never met in person, but I followed all developments from the Vietnam workshop on this platform. Good to see that you can use the training lessons back in Nagaland. I hope the floods have eased up! Greetings from Berlin


      Thank you Ann-Kathrin. Yes the training is helpful to our work here.

      Rains are still around but less.

      Hope to meet some day. With good wishes

  2. Congratulations Seno. Please keep us all updated. Miss you and the other participants!

    Warmest best wishes



      Thank you Paul......our C4C inspiring lively trainer.. 

      Will post updates once in a while.

      Warm regards ,


  3. Hi Seno

    I have asked my colleague AK to connect you to one of the Mexico C4C participants who is working on heritage seed collection.



    1. Thanks Paul! SENO TSUHAH - meet Kevin Farrera. He is our local champion on participatory seed distribution systems. You can see more about his solution here: Our solution in Mexico  and all the work in Mexico so far here:


    Thank you Paul and Ann- Kathrin for connecting me with Kevin Farrera. 

  5. chào chị Seno!!!

    Đã hơn 2 tuần trở về nhà, công việc cuối mỗi người theo... nhưng thật sự rất nhớ C4C, đặ biệt là một người bạn từ đất nước Ấn Độ xa xôi- Seno.

    E thấy rất vui khi chị chia sẻ về công việc của mình. E chúc chị nhiều sức khỏe và thành công nhé!

    Rất mong có cơ hội gặp lại.

    I love Seno!!!

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