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What a wonderful finale to the 12 days we have all spent together! Seeing the children present the puppet show to the gathering of Hong Ha's children and their farmer parents, watching participants sing the Hong Ha song and see the rush on our comic books.! It made me feel so proud, as did taking the photo of us all gathered under the billboard we collectively created. The head of the farmer's union promised to ensure the song was aired every morning and evening! Wow. My thanks to the local government and all our new friends in the commune. May their rice wine continue to flow!

I have had such a fun and uplifting time with all of you. Thank you for your hard work, commitment and belief in one another. When we all come together we can create meaningful change in each other and in the communities in which we live. Thank you Loren for introducing Rare to the Living Bio-bed concept; thank you Long and your wonderful CCS staff for being such incredible hosts, and thank you David, Song, Trang et al for all the help and assistance you have provided. Above all thank you Van for all the logistical help you have given to us all. The twelve days may have been hard but the arrangements were flawless, thanks to Van. As we all head home, let us remain friends, remain connected and continue to give voice to those who may not be able to speak up so easily. Travel safe and carry with you fond memories, I know I will....Song will send out the final newsletter (#5) later today, so please kep an eye out for that

Finally, I will send out a reminder on Rare's small grant program next week but know that I can always be reached here or through my email or via Skype pbutlerrare

Thank you... Cam on!



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  1. Fantastic output! Congratulations and thanks to everyone who worked so hard to bring this to fruition. I hope the people of Hong Ha receive tremendous benefits and that everyone who attended the training can carry the same to their own communities. It was a real pleasure meeting you all.

    Best regards,


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