Just wanted to say that I loved spending a couple of days with all the C4C participants in the Peru workshop. Watching you create and use the puppets, put together the discussion board, record the song and unveil the billboard were inspiring. The comic was great and of course ... participating in the community visit was a highlight. Thank you all for your hard work, support and commitment to each other, the Andes and to Peru. I loved it!!!!!! Thank you Dulce, thank you IFOAM and TMI!!!

Please use this platform to keep us updated.

Warmest best wishes


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  1. Very nice to have RARE and IFOAM "on board". The doccuments for campaign postulations are being prepared, let´s see how it goes!!




  2. On behalf of all of my colleagues at TMI, Paul, thank you for your kind note. We loved having you be part of the group. We learned so much and had such a blast spending time with you! My goodness–you are unstoppable! Here's hoping you'll come back to Peru soon. Sending "un fuerte abrazo!"

  3. Thank you for your words Paul, 

    Being in Peru with the MI team was awesome! I felt inspired in many different ways too and of course I loved to have you there!

    Hopefully we can hear soon from all the participants and all the great MI team!

    Always in our minds Peru,



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