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  1. All details on the campaign grant process are online now. Ishwor Malla BB Hamal Sangam Sherpa Jagriti Sunita Chand Chetana Shahi Madhu Sudan Gautam Maharup Khatri Soma Rana Alok Shrestha Subash Belbase . Feel free to reach out to Kate Mannle or me if you have any more questions!

  2. Hi AK, Greetings from Nepal.

    Thank you very much for the information.

    BB Hamal

  3. Hello Ann-Kathrin Neureuther!! I am much curious to know that, can an individual apply for all four mini grants with different concept??

    1. Hi Subash Belbase! Nice to hear from you and see your enthusiasm for the process! Generally, we would advise that it is better for organizations to apply for the grants than individuals - so YPARD or your University instead of you as a n individual, as we expect institutions to have more capacity for running campaigns. And then it would be great to focus on a topic or priority your institution is already addressing and for which a campaign could be useful. Hope that helps!

  4. Ok Ann-Kathrin Neureuther , I would apply through my institution or ypard or any local organization but could the organization apply for all four mini grants or only one? If I apply through any organization,Do I need to submit recommendation letters or any extra documents? Actually I have many queries but first I want to be clear on this one. Hope my queries don't bother you!!

    1. They don't bother me at all - and thanks for asking here on the platform so everyone can follow us (smile) To answer your question: From our experience, the grant process is very competitive and we want to give several institutions the chance to receive grants. Secondly, implementation of grants is demanding. We therefore recommend, that each institution focuses on only one issue, that is highest on their list of priorities and fits best to the techniques we learned in the C4C training. Hope this helps!

  5. ok I got the point!! Now, for submission of necessary documents in first phase, shall I submit through my mail by attaching the authorized recommendation letter from organization or must it be submitted formally through official mail of organization?

    1. Electronically is sufficient for all documents, thanks!

    2. Hi Subash! I would also add that if you want to submit with your personal email address that's fine as long as you have organizational buy in (a recommendation letter from your organization and/or just copying in your supervisor) would work when you send in your project plan. If you were successful in receiving a grant, the funds would be transferred to the organizations bank account via wire transfer. Hope this helps!

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