Hi everyone. This is Teresa from Kenya. I'm happy to share update of our research on organic consumers awareness survey.  I work with Kenya Organic Agriculture Network (KOAN). KOAN is a national membership organization for organic agriculture in Kenya. KOAN was formed in 2004 to coordinate, facilitate and provide leadership and professional services, to all members and other stakeholders in the organic agriculture sector in Kenya.

Vision: A dynamic and vibrate organic agriculture industry that contribute to a health environment livelihood security and growing consumer market.

Mission: To lead, coordinate and create public exposure of the national organic agriculture sector, promoting its contribution to economic, environmental and social benefit.

Mandates of KOAN: Facilitate provision of technical advisory services. Coordinate organic certification and inspection services. Coordinate and facility unified training programmes in organic agriculture in Kenya. Create public awareness on the benefits of organic agriculture. Facilitate access to organic market and coordinate the establishment of viable businesses with the organic industry. Lobby and participate in the formulation and implementation of pro Organic Agriculture policies.


RARE and IFOAM undertook training on Campaign for conservation at Manor House Agriculture college in the month of April 2018. KOAN was presented by one staff in this training.  After training KOAN via trained staff applied C4C research grant and we qualified. The research was on consumer awareness of organic food in Langata Constituency Nairobi County. The objective was to collect data from organic consumers to weigh their understanding on:

  1. What is organic food,  their benefits and where they would prefer to shop them
  2. Source of income, where organic outlets are and source of organic products
  3. The products they prefer to consume and why as well as the best channel to disseminate information

The data collection was carried out by five enumerators to a total of 380 households and 10 key informants.  Data collection is now over and now we are analyzing it. Findings from the research will be shared soon possible.

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  1. Great update Teresa! Congratulations on finishing your surveys. How did the data collection process go? Were there any challenges? Any bright spots that went well that you'll make sure to do again next time?

  2. Lovely, l am looking forward ton reading the report

  3. Great update, Teresa! Looking forward to hearing from the data collection!

  4. Great. Keep up the good work!

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