The Global Landscape Forum was held in Nairobi (Kenya) at UNEP Headquarters from 29th-30th August 2018. Manor House Agricultural Centre sponsored by RARE, participated in the event, represented by Ms Polly Noyce (Trustee). We networked with individuals and organization during plenary and side sessions who were willing to partner with us. Already meetings here in Kitale have resulted from those connections made. We will keep you informed as new projects under discussions solidify. Our MHAC Trustee raised awareness of our work by sharing the river video after exchanging business cards with other delegates. Positive results from the event include:

From participating in GLF we learned about other organizations working with communities to correct problems facing Africa especially overpopulation, overgrazing, deforestation, declining soils and loss of diversity. At the research level, with scientists employing satellite generated data, information is overwhelming the ability of governments to process. More effort is needed to interpret reports being generated to empower communities to take positive action. In many presentations it was seen that although laws have been written to protect natural resources, enforcement is difficult unless communities are involved from the start of any management plan. Also, our Trustee attended a plenary session concerning financing widespread efforts in landscape restoration. We are pursuing those funding leads with our expanding environmental networks. We are so grateful to be part of this first GLF in Africa thanks to RARE sponsorship.

Some of the photos during GLF meeting in Nairobi