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Hello everyone! My name is Thanh (From CCS)

It was an amazing day with me to have a nice field trip to Ngoc Linh ecogarden. I'm really love pigs and people there with their great works.

Thanks to their efford, we have oppotunity to know how efficient on raising pigs with living bio-bed.

Look at Paul, he's talking to the pig and make friends together!!!


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  1. Love the pictures. It was a great visit. Thank you Long & Loren for arranging it. It was very interesting and informative to see the Living Bio-bed concept in reality and greatly helped participants understand the approach, setting the scene for Loren/Loren/Trang's excellent session when the group began discussing its advantages and disadvantages and how any barriers to adoption might be removed

  2. Bạn có muốn cùng tôi trở lại đây không???

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