3rd day
As the day passes, despite of a bit increase in temperature, the level of curiosity, excitement, energy & stamina was not reduced rather it was increasing day by day. With the early beginning of day, we recalled and revised the contents like: concept model, theory of change, etc. from previous day. We discussed about the different methods of research. we were able to know that there are mainly 2 types of research:
1. Qualitative Research: Research based on qualitative data collection which are based on the nature & quality rather than the quantity. For example: information about the pattern of agricultural practices i.e. traditional or modern
2. Quantitative Research: Research based on quantitative data. For example: information on number of animals they rear.
After that, total group was divided to sub groups with 2 individuals in each sub group for KAP survey and 2 seperate individuals are assigned for in- depth interview with the set of questionaire to every sub groups The site was again divided into 2 sub- site: Lower Dothe & Upper Dothe . so, after we had our breakfast and short discussion we departed from Gautam Buddha Hotel at 9:15 AM and reached at the site, after an hour of travelling through bus. The site, Dothe where small community group resides and NDRC has been working since few years lies in Arghakhanchi district, a neighbouring hilly district of Kapilvastu near to the CHURE Conservation Area. The site was full of natural beauty which was rich in biodiversity with most part being covered by dense forest. As per our plan every sub group went to the respective site as they were assigned and did survey of one household per head. After about 2 and half hour of survey and interview we had a launch at 1:00 PM and after a bit rest we returned back to hotel and data entry was done from survey monkey application. At late noon, we welcomed our 2 guest from the Ministry of Environment, Germany.



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  1. Great blog Subash, I really enjoyed your writing. I am sorry I missed the research day, but your story made it come alive for me. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you Ann-Kathrin Neureuther for your kind words. I really love writting and please let me know if I can help you further in other ways too.

  2. Its nice to see your blog here in Subash. Very well written keep it up.

  3. thank you subash ji, for your good work.

  4. Very good subashji. Great effort.

  5. Good woork subash sir

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