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I am Mlesh from Kenya, currently training in Campaigning for Conservation and Organic Agriculture here at Manor House.  The 8th day has been so exciting and busy. We started off by meditating and reflecting on the five farms we visited last Saturday.  Then we moved into understanding Organic Agriculture and its 4 principles: Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care. We then designed and described a map of a Sustainable farm and this has been an eye opening exercise.  We moved on to understand the organic market, value creation and supply chain.

The PELUM Kenya coordinator Country Coordinator Mr.Zachary Makanya gave a brief presentation of PELUM Kenya; its vision, mission, core values, membership and mandates. He concluded the day with another mouth-watering presentation about the Ecological Organic Agriculture initiative in Africa. We had other on-going activities such as puppet making and billboard painting. What a fantastic day! Grow Healthy Soil, Ecosystem and People.