Disclaimer: Campaign grants can only be accessed by participants who completed the Campaigning for Conservation & Technical Training conducted by Rare and IFOAM - Organics International and hosted by CCS in Ba Vi (Vietnam) from August 6th-17th 2018. A number of small grants will be made available to participants that want to put the theories learned during the training into practice at their own sites. More details on these grants and the application process will be given at the workshop....

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  1. Dear C4C participants

    I am pleased to announce the launch of the small grant program following on from the recent C4C in Vietnam. This is open only to participants who completed the Vietnam C4C training and comprises a TWO step process. The FIRST step (outlined in the attached) is for interested participants to provide an overview of their proposed project (Site Summary, Concept Model, Theory of Change, and an idea of what the project hopes to achieve, as well as a research plan clearly showing how any assumptions will be validated). If there are costs associated with this research (such as Survey Monkey subscription, survey printing, etc.), please provide this information as well.

    Successful participants will then be asked to proceed to STEP 2 and to submit a full proposal once assumptions have been validated (a small research grant may be provided to conduct same based upon budget information provided). The deadline for the FIRST phase submission is October 22nd 2018. Successful applicants will then be informed as to what is needed for the second STEP (full submission for a small grant). Please note the application process is competitive and is described in the documents attached, which can also be found on the C4C participant web-portal. You will find templates for the site summary, Theory of Change on the thumb drive and in your workbook.

    Applications can be made in English or Vietnamese

    Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. My Skype is pbutlerrare

    I miss you all


  2. Dear Vietnam C4C participants

    I'm attaching a template that shows what a Part 1 small grant application might look like (see small grant template). We hope that you will consider applying... This document is also available in Vietnamese, please contact Van for a copy. When compiling the site summary section if some of the questions are not pertinent or do not relate to your site or site's context simply ignore them.

    Remember the October 22nd 2018 deadline for applications

    Warmest best wishes


  3. I just added the PART 1: "template" (what good looks like) in Vietnamese. It is entitled, "small grant template_vietnamese1"

  4. I just added two more worksheets to help you in the small grant submission - see attached. These relate to EXCEL sheets to help you with budgeting. One is in English and one in Vietnamese. Remember if you need help in compiling your Part 1 Small Grant application, please reach out to Van, Huyen or myself or (if I'm on vacation) to Kate Mannle (Kmannle@rare.org). I will be on vacation and out of touch from September 22nd through October 8th.

    Warmest best wishes to all


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