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Dear all !

 Our  C4C campaign has greatly increased activity in our facility.This week we hosted a group of 115 farmers  from three counties in Kenya, namely: Bungoma County, Kakamega County and Siaya County. The group was sponsored by Welt Hunger Hilfe (GIZ) for 3 days tour in Trans-Nzoia county. They came to learn about Conservation Agriculture, Agroforestry, livestock management and Bio-intensive Agriculture. It was great sharing our technology with such a  big group!

Learning sessions at Manor House Agricultural Centre

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  1. Great success for Manor House, David. Do you know if this group has something to do with the GIZ project on Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes led by Jörg Lohmann? Cheers!

    1. David Mwangi AUTHOR

      Yes,from their Extesion officer Mr.Evance Oduya email he said they are doing in the part of Western Kenya region with the communities.Maybe we inquire for more datails. Cheers!

  2. Agree... great stuff.. delighted! Congratulations to all



    1. David Mwangi AUTHOR

      Thanks Paul. We are humbled and greatful…...Cheers!