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Hello from Junedel

I am from the Philippines, working at IIRR (International Institute of Rural Reconstruction) Philippine Program at Panay Learning Community in Ivisan, Capiz. We work on different project with various approaches (such as Psychosocial, DRRM and Livelihood), and promote CSA (climate smart agriculture) in crops, aquaculture and livestock. I acquired a lot of learning from this training on living Bio Beds for swine farming in Hanoi. On the 4th day of training, we visited the living Bio Beds demonstration farm, where they practice the organic pig rising and production. The breeds raised in the farm are native pigs. We observed that they have strictly manage by using foot bath (disinfectants) before entering the farm by the visitor/adapter, the organic feed they used in feeding are made from waste product of soya beans in Tofu production, corn bran and rice residue from rice wine processing. Feed are fermented inside the plastic container for 1 to 3 days depending on the temperature before feeding pigs. It takes 6 months of time for pigs to be ready for market/slaughter with the average weight of 70 to 90 kilos live weight. The advantage of the approach is that the meat produced can generate more profits comparing to the traditional and commercial pigs raise. Taking this opportunity I will make necessary adaptation and bring this technology to the organization and to the small farmers in community where I worked and where there are climate smart agriculture practice and business opportunity.

Junedel U. Buhat





Day 2,3,4

We learned about Theory of change and conducting community research, both qualitative & quantitative basis

These session are highly important for my team in LAO.



Xin chào!

Tôi là Phạm Văn Lập, hiện tôi đang làm việc tại Công ty TNHH công nghệ nông nghiệp hữu cơ xứ sở Dế Mèn. Tôi đến hội thảo "Nuôi trồng vì đa dạng sinh học" này với mong muốn được học tập và chia sẻ những kinh nghiệm quý báu về thực hành Nông nghiệp bền vững. Mục tiêu của tôi là lĩnh hội được nhiều nhất có thể những kiến thức từ cuộc hộ thảo này, sau khi trở về tôi sẽ sử dụng nó để áp dụng với khu vực của tôi và lan tỏa đến những người khác nữa.


Newsletter Day 1, 2 and 3

Hi all, here comes newsletter of Day 1, 2 and 3 in both Vietnamese and English. Enjoy reading!



Ngày thứ 3: Một ngày thật dài.......Bây giờ là 18h, chúng tôi vẫn miệt mài học tập và làm việc......!!! rất tuyệt phải không?????



I met new friends from another countries, shared knowledge and experience on conserving Biodiversity, I learned the difference between commercial marketing and social marketing and also how to prepare a journey map

which were very interesting for me. 


Hong Ha Visit

I am Joselito, from Philippines and I work as Farm officer at IIRR ( International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, Yen Center ). On the third day of our training, we visited Hong Ha, the community that most of the households are raising pigs, but one thing we noticed, the waste disposal directly goes to the Red River, which will create a big problem to our environment, and we think that the technology of Living Bio beds will help a lot to solved this problem.








Hi from lao

Myself Saylend working with SUPA project is Agriculture Coordinator traveled from Loungnamtha northern of LAO to Hanoi VIETNAM for attend a training workshop '' Campaigning for Conservation'', which takes 2 weeks ( 12 days). 

I'm looking to learn something new from you.




Day 1: A new start
It is a good opportunity for me to participate into “ Farming for Biodiversity Campaining for Conservation” in Bavi, Hanoi from 6th to 17th August 2018”. On only first day of the workshop, I got a lot of information and some terms such as “social marketing”, “diffusion of innovation” which are quite new to me. These definitions could have opened my mind to a new agricultural approach in term of social aspect which is more effective than traditional way. I hope after 12 days of workshop, I will obtain enough knowledge to successfully make a proposal of bio-bed in pig production in some small scales that could promote the organic agricultural production in Vietnam.

Do Tuyet Mai

Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association (VOAA)


Ngày thứ hai... đầy hứng khởi, như suối nguồn.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Với tôi được tham gia chương trình là một điều tuyệt vời...... Thật thú vị, Tôi có thể khám phá bản thân mình, được học hỏi những điều tôi đã từng làm nhưng giờ mới biết nó là như vậy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!