Hello Eco-farming friends it was fantastic working with children yesterday as we teamed with microbes by making our soils fluffy and encouraging aeration, infiltration and root penetration. We created a conducive environment for both macro and microbial life to thieve in the soil this is what am calling 'Teaming with Microbes'. we have taken the through the process for we started with single dug bed and because the soils are compacted root and water penetration is an issue and some plants are coming to maturity before time due to unconducive life within the plant and inside the soil. We are demonstrating all these to group and apart from that we are also training them to eat healthy food. We had whole meal (Brown wheat flour) chaparti or tortilla. This was to energize the pupils for some are working a distance of 15 km from home to school. We also gave them some ingenuous vegetables which are chemical free to carry home and share with the family members, As the World today is the celebrating the World Diabetic day with we encourage the community and the pupils to eat healthy and live healthy by consuming what you know how and where it has been grown. We have started transplanting the new double dug sunken beds as we prepare for January 2019 as school opens. Am as well requesting anyone willing to help us help these young one be good stewards of our environment and their healthy can donate to our link we intend to provide even fruits to their break tea but currently we are unable for we are constrained. The children have real like the chapati we hope this knowledge will trickle down to the parent for children are powerful information costumers and they do make sure is implemented. This is our link: and for those wish to learn more on GROW BIOINTENSIVE Farming method you can visit the site below for more information and course application. Thanks all for being good strewards of our Earth.

Remember healthy life start with growing healthy soil.

All the best!



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