Dear all.Am happy to report that since we deed C4C training in our Centre in March this year,things have changed.We have been receiving farmer groups from all over.We have done more than 5 farmers training group with the recent one that took one month ending on Monday 258th May.We are pround of the campaign.More photos have been shared by James.The group included farmers from South Sudan,a group from Nyamira and Kisumu county,another one from TransNzoia,Cornel university students doing research in Mhac and also an organization called Africa Maths Initiative(AMI) come for a workshop.

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  1. This is fantastic to hear, David! Congratulations to Manor House and well done for using the campaign so efficiently. If you are okay with it, I'd like to write about your success story in our May update which I plan to send out to partners & supporters tomorrow.


  2. David Mwangi - quick question: Do you have an estimate on how much your farmer trainings increased since the C4C? Did they double? Triple? Four times as many? I want to use this as an example for a presentation (smile) Thanks!

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