Field visit picture, Farmers using Compost for their vegetable garden.

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After training about conducting campaign, me and my partners are initiated to contribute to Organic farming system in Metu area Ethiopia. Thanks to Our trainers and APS agribusiness.

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The new system to save our planet

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Organic farmin system campain in Ethiopia

This organic farming agriculture system campaign in Ethiopia designed to raise awarness and support for stake holders. It is attractive and motivated us to solve social problems conserning natural conservation that should be sustained and environmentally recommended.

And also this warmest campaign going on help us how to minimize the human impact on the environment while ensuring the agricultural system operates as naturally as possible by developing good behavioral change in the community. In doing so, the campaign will inhance high quality and large volume organic product of honey so as to benefit small holder farmers and unenmpoyed youth but willing to employed of the distrct. 

I would like to give special thanks to "Apis" and other organizations for their accommodating the campain to our district 

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This is My Test Blog Post

Hi there C4Cers!

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Welcome Ethiopia C4C Campaigners!


Welcome to all of the C4C Campaigners in Ethiopia. I hope you'll continue the rich discussions you've been having about organic agriculture, beekeeping, and behavior change here. I also hope you'll have a chance to connect with other C4Cers from around the globe, many of whom are facing similar challenges and creating innovative solutions just like you!

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Good luck to all the Ethiopia C4Cers

A quick note to wish all of our participants in Ethiopia a really successful C4C workshop. I wish I was there to meet you and welcome you personally to Rare and our work in "inspiring change so people and nature thrive". Thank you for your hard work and the support you are giving to Kate as she leads you through the training.

Warmest best wishes


Paul Butler

Senior VP


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